Brewing Agile

A conference to spread and debate the practice of agile.

Workshops - 27 & 29 November 2024

at Gårda Konferens in Gothenburg

Conference - 28 November 2024

at Auktionsverket Kulturarena in Gothenburg

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Because we are a small, non-profit, organization we must enforce a strict no cancellation policy. No return on tickets to the event. Program subject to change at any time.

Who is this conference for?

We hope that everyone, regardless of background, will be able to take something with them from the conference.

This will of course most easily relate to the digital industry, but we hope to broaden the focus to other areas. We want our speakers and attendees to share tools across our fields, both for improving your own flow but also for understanding other area of expertise in the product process.

We want to invite not only developers but, project managers, marketing professionals, sales people, and many others. Anyone with passion about their products!

Brewing Agile focuses on agile thinking and process, rather than the technical.

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Cesario Ramos - Crafting an Agile framework that is uniquely yours

This talk invites you to explore the possibilities beyond the rigid and predefined frameworks. Discover how using axioms, principles, and guidelines can guide you to develop an Agile framework that fits with the unique dynamics of your organization. While Agile frameworks offer a foundational 'safety net' with well-defined rules, processes, and established roles to mitigate organizational design pitfalls, the challenge lies in navigating the number of options to find the perfect match. Yes, the better frameworks leave a lot of room to fill in the details and tailor it to your situation. But then the questions is: How to fill in the details? In this session, we will guide you through the journey of abandoning the one-size-fits-all approach. By focusing on your specific context and employing a set of foundational axioms, principles, and guidelines, you can evolve a framework that not only addresses your unique challenges but also enhances your team's agility and effectiveness.

Photo of Cesario Ramos
Cesario Ramos

Guiding large and small scale Agile adoptions worldwide at different customers like Raiffeisenbank, Textkernel, ING, NN, Powerhouse, PANalytical, Thales, Adwise, Barco, Powerhouse, Reasult, Independer, de Amersfoortse, ASR, and Achmea. (co)author of the books: 'Creating Agile Organizations', ‘EMERGENT – Lean & Agile adoption for an innovative workplace’ and 'A Scrum Book'.

Martin Christensen - Holistic Product Discovery

One of the biggest problems with product development is that a great deal of what is built does not reach the intended impact. The most obvious reason for this is that one rarely focuses on building a product / service that meets the business goals, benefits from the technology AND provides a desired user experience at the same time. Let’s take a look at a possible approach to solve this called Continuous Collaborative Discovery & Delivery, or just Holistic Product Discovery for short.

Photo of Martin Christensen
Martin Christensen

Martin Christensen is a transformational coach based in Stockholm, Sweden. He is coaching and mentoring individuals, teams and organisations in Product Discovery and Delivery to help increase effectiveness of the products and motivation of the people, by taking a holistic approach. He’s been preaching Agile since around the conception of the manifesto, but his current love is in the domain of Adult Development Theory at houseofevolution.se.

Amanda Colliander - What Agile can learn from Lean Kata

How do you get to the elusive agile mindset and avoid fake agile? The lean community has brought forward Toyota Kata to address similar challenges within Lean. In this session you'll be introduced to Toyota Kata and ideas for using Kata for Agile.

Photo of Amanda Colliander
Amanda Colliander

Amanda Colliander has worked as a leader within agile software development for many years and today works at Jeppesen a Boeing Company. She started using Lean Kata 8 years ago and has used it for improvements as well as coaching and 2nd coaching others during the years. She has spent the last years exploring how to use Kata for Agile and shared ideas both within the Agile and the Lean community.

Roland Flemm - Designing for Business Agility with Org Topologies™

The legacy of the original lightweight and barely sufficient Agile ideas (XP and Scrum) has been impeded by the difficulties of applying them beyond a single team without losing the key principles and the promised gains.

Over the last decade, that challenge has led to a rise in heavy- weight methods, especially SAFe™, which has become a go-to place for "everything agile". It provides the user with a profound variety of specific tools and techniques for "scaling agile”.

Org Topologies™ is a framework-agnostic approach that builds upon whatever you already have implemented. It will allow you to further develop your Agile ecosystems witha vector toward an org design where business and technology work as one to create true business agility.

Attendees will learn the language of Org Topologies™. They will acquire clarity on which organization ecosystem they want to build and which behaviors they expect it to exhibit.

Photo of Roland Flemm
Roland Flemm

Roland Flemm (PST) became a Scrum Master in 2009 closing his 20-year career as a developer and infrastructure specialist. Roland grew into international agile consulting with a focus on large scaled Scrum adoptions since 2015. He has been actively appearing in the Agile community as a conference speaker.

Roland Flemm is the creator of the Koos Coach agile comic series and created the "Elements of Scrum" Scrumcards a Scrum learning tool.

James Priest - Reclaiming the power of argumentation to connect and enlighten a divided world.

Avoiding unnecessary dependencies when cooperating or collaborating toward a common objective reduces waste by freeing individuals and groups to decide and act for themselves. However, some dependencies are unavoidable, or even preferable, not only in organizations, but also more broadly within families, communities, and globally as well.

The quality of decisions for how to handle such dependencies, especially for complicated or complex issues, is invariably improved by involving the various stakeholders and considering differing perspectives, experience, and expertise. However, a common challenge to a more collaborative approach is that people often disagree with one another, which in the worst case, leads to polarization, disengagement, violence, and numerous other undesirable consequences as well. While such eventualities cannot be entirely avoided, learning how to navigate the unpredictable and potentially treacherous terrain of decision-making with others, and developing the understanding and skills necessary to harness the positive potential that sharing and investigating disagreements can reveal, not only helps to enrich the quality of decisions, but it also helps to transcend divisions, and elevate the sense of ownership and responsibility that people feel for following through on such decisions as well.

Photo of James Priest
James Priest

Co-founder and developer of Sociocracy 3.0, James spends his time helping people to learn how to better help themselves. Besides the development and delivery of learning journeys, he works with organizations to improve productivity and engagement, increase agility and grow resilient learning organizations where BOTH the people AND the organization can thrive.


In addition to our usual conference we offer optional add-ons of intimate and interactive workshops with our keynote speakers.

Wednesday 27th November, Full day

Building Perfect Bridges through Collaboration

Everyone agrees that it is important to collaborate in an organisation, within a team, between teams, and between individuals. But rarely, there are good advice on how to do it. This one-day-workshop aims at creating great collaborators out of the participants by supplying them with the missing pieces of the collaboration puzzle.

Photo of Martin Christensen
Martin Christensen
Wednesday 27th November, Full day

Relational Energetics 101

An introduction to the Psychology of Selves, Relationship as Teacher and Judgement as Guide

Are you an organizational leader, coach, consultant or team member looking to deepen your understanding of self and others, improve the quality of your professional and personal relationships, and inspire and guide others to do the same? If so, this one-day workshop is almost certainly for you.

Photo of James Priest
James Priest
Wednesday 27th November, Half day

Kata to Grow

Do you want to learn a pattern for improvements by mindful and focused experimenting which ensures that you learn as much as possible from each experiment you try?
Kata to Grow is a playful introduction to the Improvement Kata.

Photo of Amanda Colliander
Amanda Colliander
Wednesday 27th November, Full day

Agile Leadership and Organizational Design

As a leader, navigating your organization through the ever-changing demands of the market is day to day business. But, have you considered how the structure of your organization can either empower or impede your journey towards true agility?

Join us for a comprehensive 1-day workshop that will enrich your perspective on the role of organizational design in enhancing agility and aligning with your business objectives. Dive into the principles of Agile organization re-design and arm yourself with practical techniques that can be immediately applied within your organization to create an adaptabie organization.

Photo of Cesario Ramos
Cesario Ramos

Friday 29th November, Full day

Designing Agile Ecosystems

Why you want to attend this workshop: Org Topologies™ is a framework-agnostic visual approach to communicate the direction of organizational development for digital product development and beyond.

Photo of Roland Flemm
Roland Flemm


Please Note: The workshops and the conference are held in different locations!

Workshops on Wednesday, and Friday. Presentations, Open Space and evening mingle on Thursday.

A detailed programme will be published as soon as workshops have been finalized.

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Because we are a small, non-profit, organization we must enforce a strict no cancellation policy. No return on tickets to the event. Program subject to change at any time.


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